Why is my tuition the same in months with fewer lessons/classes?

We've learned that changing tuition based on the number of lessons can throw your monthly budget off track, (especially on a 5-lesson month!)

To soften the blow to your bank account, we use a recurring payment system that divides the annual cost of tuition into equal monthly payments.


Some holiday months have fewer than four lessons; other months may have as many as five lessons, but it all averages out. We have found that this system averages out correctly even for students who do not commit to the entire year.


Here's a few examples of how tuition is figured:


Home Studio Example:

36 weeks in the 10 month school year, $35/lesson

$35 x 36wks = $1260 ÷ 10mo = $126 monthly tuition

1st payment at registration (usually end of July or Beginning of August) last payment due in May. PayPal will charge 10 cycles from your start date.

CBMS Example:

31 weeks  in the 10 month school year, $35/lesson

$35 x 31wks = $1085 ÷ 10mo = $108.50 monthly tuition 

1st payment at registration August last payment due in May.  You may have a payment after the last class if you registered after Aug 15th. PayPal will charge 10 cycles from your start date.


If you register late the number of cycles will be fewer but monthly tuition will remain the same.

If you ever have questions about your tuition, please feel free to contact us!

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